Friday, April 16, 2010

Introducing Judge #2

From Buddy:  I knowed you wud nevur beelif me but I did getted selebruty judge!  Him naym is Timmy.  Timmy wuz borned by bad peepul who want him for to mayk baebe dawgs wud dey cud selled.  Cuz dem peepuls din't cayr for Timmy's helthy stuffs, he wuz borned wif dis one ting wut iz called Serahbellur Haipohplayzshu (Cerebellar Hypoplasia).  Wut dis meen iz dat Timmy heer music and dance to his own beet.  Some wud tink his dancing be too skary and not wanted him for dem to love, but Timmy's mom knowed what a speshul dawg him wuz and loves him, dancing and all! (Click here to learn more about his rescue)  Timmy's mom did also helped reskew my bestest crush girl Dulcea (click her name to read the entire amazing story, well worth it!!)

Timmy did meeted lots of selebrutee wif his mom, who works reely hard to maked shore all dawgs haf hyoman who loves dem.  Heer is pikshur wif da Rescue Inc. guys!

Timmy do not do jumping, him is too busy dancing all da tiym.  But him loves to watched da jumping of him fambily dawgs, and him also loves HUA and so dis maked him most bestest and most kwalifyed judge.  Better den da big dawg for shore!

So Timmy says get your piksures in fast, kontest is ovur in 14 days!!  And in kase you wuzn't konvinsed yet, him gives you puppy dawg eyes.


  1. How do we enter :) You can email us at nuthatchATaztec-netDOTcom

  2. Me too! I want to enter!!!!