Thursday, June 10, 2010


Aftur menne menne long howers and tons of frozen kongs latur, da juges do has der deecishun.  Timmy did worked all nite to comed up wif da bestest names for him awards.  Da first award wud be da.....

"Best Human-like Jump" awarded to Miss Princess!!

Da next award wud be da "Best Form" awarded to Bruschi for da veree nisely poynted paws!


And da grand priyz is call da "Most Unique Jump" award for Nuthatch Gang!!

Bekuz you all had such grayt jumpys, you all gets dis most awesome award badj for your bloggies!

And mom is gunna mayk $100.00 donashun to HUA for da blind dawgies in honurs of you all three for da gud jumpy dat you cud do. 

And da grand priyz for Nuthatch wud be soopriyz goodies wut wud comed to yer howse in da mayl.  Pleeze cud you gived mom yer address wer da hyomans getted her mayl so she kin sended yer priyz? 

Kongrajulashuns to all and tanks for playin' wif me!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Entry!

It's a's a plane.....NO!  It's the Nuthatch gang :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Introducing Judge #2

From Buddy:  I knowed you wud nevur beelif me but I did getted selebruty judge!  Him naym is Timmy.  Timmy wuz borned by bad peepul who want him for to mayk baebe dawgs wud dey cud selled.  Cuz dem peepuls din't cayr for Timmy's helthy stuffs, he wuz borned wif dis one ting wut iz called Serahbellur Haipohplayzshu (Cerebellar Hypoplasia).  Wut dis meen iz dat Timmy heer music and dance to his own beet.  Some wud tink his dancing be too skary and not wanted him for dem to love, but Timmy's mom knowed what a speshul dawg him wuz and loves him, dancing and all! (Click here to learn more about his rescue)  Timmy's mom did also helped reskew my bestest crush girl Dulcea (click her name to read the entire amazing story, well worth it!!)

Timmy did meeted lots of selebrutee wif his mom, who works reely hard to maked shore all dawgs haf hyoman who loves dem.  Heer is pikshur wif da Rescue Inc. guys!

Timmy do not do jumping, him is too busy dancing all da tiym.  But him loves to watched da jumping of him fambily dawgs, and him also loves HUA and so dis maked him most bestest and most kwalifyed judge.  Better den da big dawg for shore!

So Timmy says get your piksures in fast, kontest is ovur in 14 days!!  And in kase you wuzn't konvinsed yet, him gives you puppy dawg eyes.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Miss Princess reaches new heights!

Bruschi lives life dangerously.  I wonder who got down first?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Introducing Judge #1

Hi, it's the Big Dog Maxim!! ZOOOOMMMMGGGG!!! Sohappysohappysohappyshohappy. The other day Buddy told me "Big Dawg, I iz hosting big kontest for da jumping frends. You iz not 'llowed to be in dis grayt kontest cuz we is brudders. Nananananana!!!!"
Well, first thing I did was go ask mom if little dog was telling the truth, because I really want to join the contest! She said "Dear sweet Maxim, I know you would try really hard. And I think your jumps are beautiful. But darling, you can't even get all four paws off the ground. You really aren't made for jumping, you are more of a wagging dog. You don't have so much bounce in you as you do the bowl-over gene. Plus it wouldn't be fair, you know Buddy would never let you win - it's rigged, just not in your favor love."

Well, I tried real hard to prove her wrong. I jumped up....

I jumped sideways....
I even tried jumping everything! My paws, my ears, my cheeks, I did it all!!

I said, momlookatmelookatmelookatme!!! I did it right???? YAY I CAN BE IN THE CONTEST. Buddy could not possibly deny that awesome skills and form that I exude. Mom gave me some ear rubs and said "Max, love - it's just not fair for you to be in this contest. You can do the next one ok?"

At first I was heartbroken, not even my best girl Lambchop - the destuffed stuffy could cheer me up. Then mom told me about a most important job for me. I am a distinguished judge! holycowholycowholycowiamajudge! Er em, I mean....I am honored. And watch out, I've got my eyes on you!

Judge #1: Maxim Dawg